Five reasons why solar energy makes sense

1. Solar energy in your home or workplace:

If you opt for a photovoltaic installation at your home or workplace, you could cut your electricity bill by a large proportion over the next 25 years. Because your total savings will be greater than the initial investment, your decision will be profitable. If you wish to obtain more details about the costs and benefits tailored to your solar installation please complete our simple form, and we will provide the financial information that you need to make the decision of going solar. See Online solar calculator

2. Net metering and financial benefits:

The Colombian Government enacted Law # 1715 of May 2014, which allows for electricity net metering to be implemented and therefore any electricity surplus generated by your solar project could be sold to the electricity system. Moreover, your solar investment offers you interesting fiscal benefits. See costs and benefits

3. Generate your own electricity:

You could auto-generate electricity, which means you can stop worrying about electricity bills and their annual increases. The solar project could generate electricity during day time, when solar irradiation is available even on a cloudy day, in amounts that could significantly cover your consumption volume. See costs and benefits

4. Be part of a sustainable solution:

With a solar project you contribute to a sustainable environment by making use of the sun as a renewable source of energy rather than consuming electricity produced with fossil technologies that are causing global warming and other negative environmental effects. Because the sun light is free, your solar project would not cost you more than the initial investment to set up the solar modules at your roof as well as minimal annual maintenance. After installation is complete, you will be rewarded with free electricity for at least 25 years.

5. Reliability and Guarantee:

Your solar panels will be covered by the workmanship and performance guarantee provided by the manufacturer. Although solar project faults are extremely remote and unusual, don’t worry because if that was to occur one day you could make use of the conventional electricity connection you have today via the electricity distribution company. See Guarantee & Support